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The Top 4 Causes of Roof Damage

If you haven't thought about your roof in a while, it means that it has been doing its job perfectly and keeping you protected against the elements. However, when they become damaged, you will probably notice it quickly by the sounds of persistent water droplets or howling winds.

It’s safe to say that it is something we all want to avoid – as they serve as one of our fundamental human needs! Below we look at four of the most common causes of roof damage to help you become a more informed homeowner.

1. Extreme Weather Winning the Battle

Roofs exist to be stronger than outdoor forces and sit there unfazed as the weather pales in comparison, except when it doesn't. Adverse weather conditions are one of the most common causes of roof damage and defects.

Strong winds can create an uplift pressure, loosening tiles, exposing the framework and insulation, and leaving your roof exposed to further damage. Winds can also pick up debris and tree branches that can cause a major impact and crack or dislodge roofing material. After adverse weather has left your roof damaged and vulnerable, water will inevitably follow and damage the structure without performing roof repair.

2. Water Damage

While a well-installed roof protects it from rain, the perfect storm can create a serious issue that allows water to leak through. This perfect storm is a combination of heavy rain, expired materials, and low temperatures, which can create a leaking roof and blocked gutters that may turn into ice and lead to standing water on the roof.

Standing water can find ways to enter your roof or slowly erode the roof materials until it creates a leak opening. Water leaks are a significant hazard as they can damage the roof's structural integrity or lead to damp surfaces and mold growth. Proper maintenance and hiring a trusted roofer to upgrade expired materials can prevent these problems quickly.

3. An Ageing Roof

There comes the point in every roof's life when it doesn't quite perform like it used to. It may have served you well, but it’s not uncommon after around 10-15 years that the time comes around for an upgrade so you can continue protecting your house.

Aging roof construction and materials are much more prone to damage and defects from external forces and can begin to cause ongoing problems. If you've had multiple roof damages recently or are conscious that your roof is starting to age, it could be a great time to have it inspected by a specialist to prevent significant damage.

4. Poor Installation

A final common factor of roof damage is when it never had a fighting chance because of poor installation from roofing companies. Poor initial installation can include using substandard or damaged roofing material, weak construction, or inaccurately designed plans. When this happens, roofing doesn't work as a cohesive protection system as its weaknesses can make it vulnerable to further damage and defects.

Dayton Roofing Solutions is a trusted name because of our precise and personalized approach to roofing, so to repair, inspect or install a roof that maximizes your protection, get in touch with one of our specialists.

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